By:  DarkBlueDominion~


her love veils me in shrouds
 of complete serenity,
 fulfilling me with the enchantment
 of her presence in my life,
 like ornate breezes of butterfly wings
 fanning the air
 so delicate and gentle,
 yet swift and bold,
 my very being swaying with her breath,
 and moving to her sound
 like a leaf on the voice of the wind,
 she is my safe harbor
 on this raging sea of life,
 the calm to my storm,
 cradling me in her wings,
 rescuing me from this ocean of madness, ,
 i bask in her sunlight
 and bathe in her warmth
 secure in the rays of her love,
 parting the clouds that darken my heart,
 setting me adrift
 on her tranquil sea of green.



-05 -DominionPress-