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That’s the Ticket !flaguyw

Original image animation (c)Kitty Roach

Here’s hoping that someone gets a bit of a laugh out of this. : )

Grand Old Hairline

by PNKRK244~
Ron Woodruff

I don’t know much history
yet less about economy
no clue about the policy
But Nixon had less hair than Kennedy

I don’t know about the deficit
can’t expand on any party view
But I do know this lickety split
Bush had less hair than Clinton too

Don’t know much about the arms race
My train of thought don’t go that far
Though Mondale’s case I did embrace
Reagan had more hair by far.

I’m telling you so listen up
here is how it seems to be
The hair man wins the golden cup
There’s Ford and Carter, you tell me

Just one flaw in my theory
a gaping whole, huge and raucus
If hair’s the key to presidency
then what the hell about Dukakis

Could the work of fate be on my side?
In hairlines Gore and Quayle are tied

So all you kids out there who long
to play croquet on the white house lawn
get a great ‘do’, ya can’t go wrong
then strap the mediamatic on

Be a Democrat or Republican
or Socialist get up and picket
Independent, Green, Libertarian
I vote a straight line Hairdo ticket

The scary fact we can not fix
Don King in two-oh-one and six



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