Poet Of The Month

This Page Is Dedicated To All Our Poets …..

I Someday Wish To Have “All of You” Listed

It’s Time To Get To Know One Another.

January 2013 Poet: SoulProbe7

February 2013 Poet: Marcoosh2

March 2013 Poet: CCPoems4U

April 2013 Poet: DarkBlueDominion

May 2013 Poet: Recentiy03

August 2013 Poet: PNKRK244

September 2013 Poet: APoetWithin

October 2013 Poet: Bottled up Zen

November 2013 Poet: LourdMoon

December 2013 Poet: Dreadlox33

January 2014 Poet: RickInSATexas

February 2014 Poet: Justinjms1988

March 2014 Poet: StelWils8

April 2014 Poet: DaisiesNFld

May 2014 Poet: HappyHazelEyes

June 2014 Poet: B9Patric

July 2014 Poet: Cally2001

August 2014 Poet: NoahWereman

September 2014 Poet: RogueThistle009

October 2014 Poet: SilverFairyPest

November 2014 Poet: Rm8sal

December 2014 Poet:  Snowy Owl Spirit

January 2015 Poet: Sunbleach9

February 2015: So3u554

March 2015: EyeOfTheTiger2u7

April 2015: DFloreiii

May 2015: RisinSun28



1 thought on “Poet Of The Month”

  1. Melinda Campbell said:

    “Poet of the Month” is a beautiful way for all of us to embrace each other with self expression and respect. I have enjoyed reading about each of you. Poets pen their hearts and experiences placing themselves out front for all to see. Thank each of you so much for sharing yourself.


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