Spotlight Poet….

January 2014…Chasingtheday 

February 2014…GlennMarchandJr.

March 2014…LaGrif

May 2014… Nathan Hill

June 2014… Bitterbud

July 2014…Mickey1022

August 2014… Black Reign

September 2014…J.Lee

October 2014…Methodical One

November 2014…BrittanyMcCarthy

December 2014… Clara Nicole

January 2015… PurpleChaos

February 2015: CrowKnows

March, 2015: Raven Blackrose

April 2015: CandyBrown

May 2015…Agressman

Book w letters


2 thoughts on “Spotlight Poet….”

  1. David Elizondo said:

    Hi there, I’m new here and I just got this link on my messages, so I’ll just sit here and smile and nod and pretend like I know what’s going on until I really do. 🙂 hope everybody is fantastic. 😀


  2. I look at the names on this list for 2014 and I can truly say how honored I am to be on it…Thankyou Fillmyeyes for the honor… jlee


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