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~Poets of Lates~

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About the Poets…

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A Reflection Of Our Established Community

AOL… Member Created… Friends…

Late Night Poets Room

Hope To See You All Soon


Vision Statement:

Poets of lates is dedicated to the celebration of creative minds. We are a welcoming forum for poems, stories, art and ideas. We encourage absolute beginners, seasoned pros and anyone in between.

All we ask is that everyone be treated with respect. Poets of Lates is a reflection of our community spirit. A place to share, develop and reveal the best parts of ourselves.

~Our Newsletter~

38 thoughts on “About…”

  1. wicked bitchin’, yo


  2. Stan Shabronsky said:

    Jean, a very classy site…

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  3. Seasons Greetings !!


  4. AP brought me here, nice blog 🙂

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  5. TOknowWINGS said:

    what a beautiful poetry sight…my compliments indeed!


  6. marcoosh said:

    Love the new outfit 🙂


  7. Congratulations to the POTM. Such a well deserved award. This is a beautiful site that Jean has made.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Congratulations to … SoulProbe7 & DarkBlueDominion !!!
    Much Love to You Both !! http://wp.me/p2Xya4-R0 *viking*


  9. …….I think whomever is updating this webpage is doing a terrific job and is grossly underpaid…. I have the following suggestions for PotM…..in no particular order…
    1) Yak…….as long as he includes a picture of his speeding tickets….. 2) Feign…how she hasn’t been previously a PotM is a travesty to all Floridians and possibly mankind…. 3) Caitlin….who constantly amazes me/us with her insightful conceptualized poetry 4) Fill…………don’t be modest…..there is nothing wrong with the “Keeper-of-the-Gate” displaying her fine works and autobiography for the page.


  10. Melinda Campbell said:

    I enjoy this community very much! It is my hopes that everyone that loves poetry will unite for the love of words. Diversity should be a strength, never a weakness. Respect. Acceptance. Tolerance. We are human, we are spirit, we are one with creative differences.


  11. is this some of the members of the original AOL late night poets room?


  12. Kathy Bradshaw said:

    Hi, I submitted a poem before the site changed called Silent Wings and wondered if you had forgotten to post it? thanks in advance for the response.
    Kathy aka Snowy


  13. Love it


  14. this is one small click for mankind
    but one large click for cb i got here but couldnt log in,looks very good tho


  15. This blog is so beautiful done and very enjoyable. I see so many fine poets are a part of the community here. Hats off to you Fill!


  16. What a lovely group. How do I become a member?


  17. This POETS Blog becomes more alive each day is such a grand creation much talent gone in it by alot of great efforts like a DREAM REALIZED and brought forth to DAYLIGHT excellant 5 star rating you each are to be praised for it, especially you EYES for bringing people together UNITED It sort of makes me humble seeing it’s true potential realized. Just wish to say to each that particpates in it GREAT JOB smiles gently VOS – VOICE OF SILENCE


  18. Indeed! Bravo … let there be poetry


  19. marcoosh said:

    What a wonderful cover page !


  20. Hi Qcubed… Nice to meet you … Join us in the room sometime


  21. L7 to the 3rd said:

    So folks…what’s new…
    It has been a long time, but for some, perhaps not long enough?


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