Group Collaboration…12-20

Only  TWO … “Must Haves”

1) Must keep the flow,

2) Must build off of last poets verse

Topic… Happiness



Without good there is no evil…

Without sadness and despair …

Would we recognize happiness ?

Would we even care ?


Happiness within itself, a myth

Laughter and smiles all to mask

This pain one lives with

Care to smile, an undaunted task


Pain one lives with, you say?

Look again, but through my eyes,

Do you now see, the little things in life?

That whisper, darling, rise above pain.


Treasure each moment of bliss,

Because the happiness that we crave come so rarely,

Do you really wish to spend the precious moments you have,

Dreaming of what ifs and what should have been?


and not everything is mere strife,

look above these grey skies,

no dark without light,

no pride without plight.

Arianna Aleshire

Foreboding pain overwhelms the soul,

Fragmented dreams call my name.

Treachery being my only companion,

Leading to only complete devastation.


But in the darkest of light you shall see

a gift of a scent, a sound, a whimper of a breath

will send you careening towards a memory

worth redeeming , a smile without regret, will ensue

Kellie Podsednik

for Light illuminates

without regret,

giving hope

in a world full of pit

Sirius Rising

But truth often hides, 

Behind the fear and pain, 

Where memories reside,

Until we need them again

Ally K

Memories, long forgotten,

We recall, when needed most,

It doesn’t happen often —

When your feelings need a host.


Yes that is quite often true but

wouldn’t you agree some of the pain

is a prelude to unforseen pleasures

and milestone victories


With all of these emotions trying to remain

I play with this pen to scribe a post

Allowing these words to scream again

In hopes to submerge from feeling so lost


Try to be happy from within

Beauty will then shine through your skin

Make bonds with something absolute

Lead the self through something resolute

Zeno Kite

A journey with myself is all but sound

A passage I go my own

What fun a journey a friend with now

Aurora of friendship known


fondling my unbound aura

till a new journey is found

for pleasure is almost out of reach

but always comes with a crown


Yet this diadem will fall, alas

and dash upon the dirt.

Still, cresting bones

Woe to happiness and mirth.

Candy Brown

Woe indeed, but by each grain and grit of dusty soil

do seek a glint of joy within life’s toil,

and shelter with each moments bit of worth

a smile, a laugh, a kinder, gentler time upon this earth

Ansford Anton

Every soul has a role to play

within this  beleaguered earth

so throw off yor robes of gray

and  dance in naked mirth


Though diverse we all harbor latent light

Blown away on the zephyr winds of soul

Each remains as their own bright delight

Forming a complete and wonderful whole


Heart being the window to the true you,

which lies at the core of the whole.

Formed by all you’ve lived through,

lying at the core is your soul.


For aren’t we all encapsulated yet garnished,

a prism of circumstantial happenstance

Destined to be redeemed or forever lost

Tendrils in the wind will surely reap their costs


And yet we hope for evermore

Sparks a-frenzy in the air

Release yourself from your lonely moorings

Live life as you are, without a care


Come now and open your mind

No longer in the dark, no longer blind

Enlightened now forevermore

Live life like never before

End Date… 12-20-15