For Our Veterans…

For Our Veterans

“Thank You “,

For All You Have Given…


By: RangerBlue~

The sea is ever silent
Where they hunt their prey.
Ice floats upon the surface
Where shines a six month day.
No light may pierce the darkness
In the depths where menace dwells.
Where silent shadows dance with death
In the coldest part of hell.
The sea will fight the shadows
And crush them in her grip.
Her icy tendrils coil and squeeze
The framing of the ship.
In a battle never-ending where silent shadows dwell
They sail beneath the world above.
In the coldest part of hell.
Men within the shadows guide them through the deep.
Death plays upon their fingers for the enemy they seek.
In silent darkened vigil where the slightest sound may tell
Of a darker form of shadow.
In the coldest part of hell.
Time has changed the shadows and robbed the men of youth.
Who spent a lifetime vigil and in this found a truth.
That sentinels at the coldest gates protect the ones they love
That they may live in light and warmth upon the world above.
While in the deeps the endless duel in a world where shadows dwell
Stand the men who guard our freedom
In the coldest part of hell.



Silently we’ve watched our flag burned,
Heard them taunt our liberty-
Swallowed pride and resolutely
Blamed it on their misery.

Given aid and fed the world,
That rejects what we believe
Paid the lions share to keep alive
The UN we helped conceive.

Built and rebuilt untold countries,
With the wages that we’ve earned
Watched them bomb the world trade center,
Helpless, as it fell and burned.

Seen with horror the devastation…
All the lives that there were lost.
We alone have borne the heartache;
We alone have borne the cost.

And those that we have carried,
When their burdens were to great
Are the very ones that dare to say
That we should sit and wait.

Would they have us wait until
Some terrorists knocks upon the door
Of Pennsylvania avenue
To deliver some new horror?

Would they have wait until our children
Are not safe to be outside?
How much silently and willingly,
Do they think we will abide?

From the graves of all the patriots-
That have died to build this land
Voices rise in a crescendo,
And demand we take a stand.

We will not pretend to weakness…
As our kindness is precieved
We will not forsake our freedoms
For what others may believe

We will stand with resolution,
In the face of tyranny
God bless our America
Keep her safe and keep her free!
By Sandy lee
© 2011Sandy lee (All rights reserved)




Dedicated to My Dad and all Vietnam Veterans


They gather on the western shore

Bringing with them tolls of war

Feelings of regrets and fears

Nightmares haunt them through years


Some left home as mere kids

Draft number pulled, go they did

Starry eyes and smiling faces

Shipped to fight in foreign places


Come back heroes they were told

Their return was met with cold

Those who went, now stand together

They face the storms and bad weather


As they ride toward D.C.’s light

You see their pride shines bright

They honor those who were lost

All bow their heads at the cost


Hands over heart as they recite

pledging allegiance with their might

Strong and proud they stand today

Letting no one obstruct their way


Late in May, hear that mighty Sound

Feel the shaking of the ground

Nothing will ever put asunder

Cause America that’s Rolling Thunder


Azautogal   March 25, 2014   Copyright

Veterans Day eyeofthetiger4u7

A Soldiers Lament




For my Country tears I shed
Never more to be misled
I have done my duty
For what I think is right
My Nations Flag
Never out of sight
For Country I have bled
Until the stream ran red
What I give so others live
To some a Heroes song
It’s all for thee for Liberty
And this Nation we belong




Fret not for me in infamy
Sorrow is short lived
I did what I had to do
This was mine to give
Memories they linger
From the Battlefield
My friends are long gone
They carry a Battle Shield




An Old Soldiers Lament
That lasts for ever more
Tribute to the Uniform
That he proudly wore
Loyally he served
Beside the very best
In the arms of the Lord
Finally put to rest
Never more to be forgotten
Lest we not forget




And I quote
” Old Soldiers never Die ”
” They just Fade Away ”
( General Douglas MacArthur (1880-1964 )




May 23 2013 ©
( All Rights Reserved )


On this Veterans Day

God bless the brave Men and Women

That served in the Armed Forces

And sacrificed so much

Saying that nothing bad will happen

To anyone in this great Country

Not on my watch



Iwo Jima

We stood chest thrust out to the pearled

heaved the frost metal flag unfurled

picture taken, a system curled

We took the world, we took the world

Heine planted the stake to earth

Lorenz supporting all the girth

Moss bellowed for all he was worth

cherish the mirth, cherish the mirth

Loud flight, loud streets kneeling below

kisses and cheers tickertape show

dour as ordered above, below

countenance glow, countenance glow

America roared, heartfelt din

We felt so proud at this big win

yet in our minds it was our men

we watched descend,

we watched descend


1042633578Soldiers Thanksgiving

By: RobertsReader~
Huddled together in humble prayer they stand
Arms around each other, friend to friend
Praying to Our Lord on this special day
Knowing in their hearts He will always stay
They pray that He will watch over them
As they are called to duty again and again
To ensure freedom for the oppressed
On call 24/7 with very little rest
These are the soldiers that fight for you and me
So that we all can remain happy and free
Some will give up their lives for what they believe
To serve without a second thought to protect our country
As you sit down to your Thanksgiving feast
Bow your heads and think of those so far from home
Wishing they could be with their loved ones
Instead of in another land and all alone
They all wish that they could be with us
But they know our freedom in them we trust
So on this Thanksgiving Day
Lift up your hearts and bow your heads
For all of the armed forces pray

Janice Marie©




To never again see that mighty sight
Statue Of Liberty…Land of the Free
Never again hear…God Bless America
or the cheers from the crowds
Never again Walk upon it’s soil naturally as when born
Without special assistance or from a wheel chair
Never again be able to hug a loved one or throw a baseball across home plate
Or to be able to sleep without
nightmares of the horror you seen
Or ever breathe the air of your own Home and Country
For the fact you gave
and even your LIFE
So that those that put you down
CAN and SHALL remain FREE
I say this..walk PROUDLY..stand TALL…
To all  those Brave Men and Women who serve
The Land Of The Free…
And don’t forget for one minute
You are Loved and Respected…





There’s something in the world that matters most to me
That something that has a special meaning for me
Something… I care for
Something… I love dearest,
the most precious something in all the world to me
Something… I need, love and cherish
Something… I not always show love and kindness to
Something…I’ve hurt many times without meaning to
Something…I want to hold forever, to care for and let know I care
Something…I dream of, and always thinking of
Something…I want close to me always
Something…to share everything with
Honey,… that something is you.
I love you very much and always will
Remember always no matter what happens
I love you……
Written in a foxhole by me for a fallen comrade,
covered with blood as he lay dying…
also hand delivered to his wife…
and now read by me for all soldiers
that will never come home
smiles most softly, with tear strucken eyes….
RIP my friend….

Veterans Day Site


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