Chat Room Info….

Hello Poets….

 “New” Late Night Poets Room…

This Room was created so that….

You the Poets would have a place to attend ….

Abuse Free….

The room is available 24 / 7 for everyone to enjoy…..

I am usually nearby … but on occasion    I am away …….

How ever I need not be visible for you to use the room……

It Belongs to You

Just like in Old LNP …

Just Stop In….

                                             Hang Out …..


Bring Your Friends …..

Chat.… Poetry….. Music…..  Anything Goes ……..

”Except”….Disrespect & Abuse

There is “No List” to post ……..

                                      It is a casual atmosphere…..

We welcome non-poets to join us….

Every Poem Needs A Reader   🙂


Poetry scrolled in the room belongs to You the Writer…..

Nothing on The Blog is ever posted without expressed

permission of the Writer…..

Any posts on The Blog will be removed upon receipt of the

Writers request.

All posts are the property of the Writer…..

Nothing is “acquired” by ….Poets of Lates….

If you are ever in the room and I am not and you need assistance I am usually an

“I M” away….

Feel Free….to ask for assistance.



4 thoughts on “Chat Room Info….”

  1. Sometimes you’ll be reminded of someone and your heart will sink,
    no matter how much you’ve moved on
    you’ll occasionally stumble upon a memory in your filing cabinet of thoughts
    and you’ll replay it like a video and your heart will drop to your stomach,
    to some nostalgia was supposed to bring peace
    but this hurts,
    and there it is again
    the pressure behind your eyes and the ache in your rib cage and the tearing of your heart strings
    and just when it feels like the moment will never pass,
    you realize you’ve been stirring your coffee for 10 minutes, it’s time to look up from the counter now,
    life is still moving,
    you’re okay,
    it’s okay.

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  2. I believe you have expressed clearly what most poets feel about chat rooms. I look forward to the positive energy and environment. It is true poets are passionate people and their work reflects that passion. Thank you for your enlightenment in your comment.


  3. Melinda Campbell said:

    I have been a part of the Poetry community since 1998. I have enjoyed Lady Fill’s room this past year more than any other room I have spent time in previously. That doesn’t include rooms I visit on the weekends to share with. I’m referring to rooms available 24-7-365. When I visit various rooms, I find there is a ribbon that flows between us all and no matter what energies I encounter the one thing that has remained constant, creative people are passionate about many things. These passions can also create unnecessary misunderstandings that grow into much more than it should be. I find Lady Fill’s room void of that negative energy. So if you are looking for a place to hang out and just be… drop by! I personally embrace everyone until they become rude or don’t show respect, one to another. Thank you Lady Fill, I appreciate you and your vision.

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