By: DarkBlueDominion~ 


as the pale moonlight seeps
through the window panes,
it outlines her soft silhouette
as she gently sways
to the rhythms of the night,
subtle rays now glisten
across her velvet skin ,
like the body of a Greek statue

that has suddenly sprung to life,
like a painting of a goddess,
curves leave shadows of recesses
left longing to be explored,
with pleasured stricken senses
I am overcome and melt into her,
becoming one with her body and motion,
with the beauty of a muted symphony,
liquid crescendos crashing in the night,
bathing me in her orchestrations of love,
as we lose ourselves together as one,
in the gentle glow, lost in perpetual bliss.

_2006 -DominionPress-


_06 -DominionPress-