By: DarkBlueDominion~ 


as I gracefully stumble into your quaint corner of life,
 I am met with the centrifugal force of your presence,
 I am instantly spun into your aural loom ,
 woven like a thread into your seductive tapestry,
 consumed by your essence that burns like brilliant flame,
 and like the mythic moth my wings are singed ,
 with stuttered flight as I falter stricken by your touch,
 I tumble and fall blended into your ornate mesh,
 guided by your gentle hands I surrender to your caress,
 captive to your charms I bow to your desires,
 as you entwine me in the fabric of your fire,
 with divine precision I fall into your world of bliss,
 my entire being graced with the beauty of your kiss.



-06 -DominionPress-