Art Gallery….

The Artist


He bought the hat in 62,

When he was still a lad…

He started capturing what he saw,

Upon his old sketchpad


A lot of time had come and gone,

The changes they were many

His weary eyes had seen a lot

His pen had captured plenty


But no one seemed to notice

Or took the time to see

His drawings showed the down and out

Life’s sad reality


The child barefoot on the street

Nowhere to call his home

The woman sick and old and tired

Soul lost and all alone


The beggar, no one seems to see

All dressed in rags and cold

The prostitute, her skirt too short

He guessed about sixteen years old


The rats that scurry cross the street

The junkie in the hall

The garbage piled stinking, high

Graffiti on the wall


His sketch pads each a story tells

Of lives and loves and living hells

But the artist’s eyes witnessing that-

Lie hidden ’neath his leather hat.



                2013 Sandy lee (All rights reserved)


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2 thoughts on “Art Gallery….”

  1. marcoosh said:

    The owl is spot on and love the fantasy as well 🙂


  2. marcoosh said:

    Marvelous art and photography !


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