By: Raven BlackRose~

  Darkness hid the blackness of her fur as she lay low to the ground and watched the watering hole. She knew that they would come to drink their fill, there wasn’t another for miles. She waited with the patience of a hunter, suffering her hunger in silence. Many came and went as she lay there, hidden by shadows for hours. Then he approached from the east. This put his back to her, her scent already down wind of the watering hole.

The only movement was her silver eyes as she watched the buck bend down and drink. Before he had even swallowed the first sip of cool clear water she lunged. Her sharp canines sank into the warm flesh ofthe back of his neck. The bucks blood filled her mouth and her jaws clamped down like a vice as the beast screamed in pain and slung his head trying to shake her off, to no avail.

The buck swung around trying to bury his massive horns into what ever had him but this too was pointless as his life blood seeped into her mouth and he fell to his knees. He fought to right himself, the whole time those jaws were clamped down until he finally fell to the ground in defeat. It was then and only then that she released him, only to sink her canines once again into that still warm flesh, this time ripping and tearing his throat out. She chewed the still warm meat slowly despite her hunger. The only other sound was the slowing beat of his heart and a last rush of breath as his spirit left him. She took her time and savored the kill.

She could feel the others as they came closer. Her low warning growl kept them at bay as she ate her fill. Only then did she stop, she rose and went to the water. Her silver gaze stared down at her reflection as the moonlight danced upon the water. It was not the blood covered muzzle of a black, silver eyed wolf that stared back at her. It was the face of a beautiful gypsy, with long, flowing, raven black hair and silvery eyes. With a look of pure satisfaction she licked her lips before bending down and sinking her face into the water.

Shaking her head she washed the blood from her fur. She then raised her head and turned to walk away. Her movements were graceful, predatory, her long black tail swayed from side to side. The others shrank in both fear and respect as she passed the remains of the buck she had brought down. She looked at him, a last show of respect before she walked off and disappeared into the shadowy darkness of the forest.