By: DarkBlueDominion~

 i fear my words fall short of what i want to express,
 they do not do justice for what they represent,
 this monumental love do i dare to try explain,
 or if i truly capture it will it seem insane,
 for this is just no ordinary love by far,
 this is like a super nova vast exploding star,
 blinding the universe with its burning blast,
 rebirthing all known galaxies dissolving all the past,
 how can i begin to even hope to demonstrate,
 this enigmatic phenomenon how do i illustrate,
 for there is no language to reproduce this fete,
 its spoke about by angels but they cant repeat,
 the mysteries of this passion are very seldom found,
 like newly discovered comets its rarely seen around,
 this is the stuff of legends that is dreamt about by man,
 since the birth of planets and our life on earth began,
 for you my love burns hotter than the surface of the sun,
 you are my all my everything my precious chosen one,
 infinite constellations cannot hold a candle to you,
 the love of eternal spirit complete and shinning through,
 the moment of our union was combustible expanse,
 new fusion in the heavens with the start of our romance,
 mortal eyes they dare not see such a love as this,
 for if they lay witness to the spectacle of our kiss,
 it will leave them staggered with the brilliance of the light,
 for it is so rare to see a love of this magnitude so bright,
 because you see my love this is no mere casual event,
 this love of ours i am convinced has been heaven sent.