By: Phaeties~

  Cosmic Archways of infinite blackness with measured depth
  Stardust mingles in proportion, to the co efficient of the exponential definition
  Milky way Galaxies of crackling metallic temperatures, lucid dreamy godlike architecture
  A golden mean, per tandem a gilded ratio, in relation to human computations
  Silver alloys of low temperatures, become meteor shower blurs
  While u piquitous appearances of gas circumferences take a random division of meager thought
  The universe while in its reverberating state, a life of its own, does in its way converse
  The Quadratic formula, however , could never computate, god’s meandering nebula’s
  Alternate dimensions of derived ominous algarythyms, are but the edge of understanding to the human equation, mortal decisions.
Amanda Jiardina