By: PaysConteur~  


Dreaming away life a smoldering sin

I gave up on a dream and will not again

end a dream by beginning another.

What the heart kindles the ashes smother.


Looking backward I loved from where I came

knowing nothing will ever be the same

By looking back I know what lies ahead

still willing but reluctant to be led


Happy is a heart that can find great cheer

In the warm sunlight with something so dear

because the living beauty of today

inherits the warm love of yesterday


Yesterday a thousand years of hindsight

When I step back remembering the night

Sweet memories a sight to delight in

gone but in my heart the hope we meet again


Giving, I have expended , I am blessed

In expending I have kept what I possess

expending ever mindful of the cost

what I gave I have, what I kept, I lost


Wonder of light the heart of every star  

lights the spirit of  others near and far

Dearest memories please don’t go away

could I dream and with my memories stay