By: PaysConteur~


Your love gently took my heart forever

I resisted but you whispered never

So little it takes for me to love this

the way the heart makes whispers from a kiss


Eternity in the blink of an eye

The flash of passion in one glimpse of you

The magic that prompts an eternal sigh

living knowing all of our love was true


Forget not dear heart hours we have spent

Play the hero’s part fate will not repent

In the twilight now only our shadows kiss

Memories of how we once lived for this


Our shadows grow as the living fire dies

of all human passions tenderness cries

Spirit kindled soul immured in these eyes

my heart longs for yet another sunrise


To think what lovely  present God has sent

My imagined loss would cease to lament

warming my heart the way you wanted to give

till life’s end your warmth will help my heart live


Love is faithful in what it remembers

The softness that grows through dying embers

Sleep now lightly so, what’s sweeter than this

when life whispers no, our shadows still kiss.