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Screenname: Chasingtheday

Published Name: Ian Sawicki

Age: 48

I am a guy from Salford, Manchester, Uk.

I have been interested inwords since a very early age,

when I was a kid I used to play a game with paper and a pen,

I would race lettersdown the pages (e always won)

this meant I had to read a lot of books,magazines,

anything really that I could lay my hands on.

I started writing around 1985,

though did not start collecting my poems until 1987,

I used to just shove them in a drawer and forget aboutthem.

I sent off poems to various publishers and started getting

them published, I also got involved in the underground

poetry/arts scene, and opened my own poetry magazine called

Get Connected which I did with my then girlfriend.

After awhile I got bored with the poetry publishing thing.

I did my books for me really, not for others,

I wanted copies of my poems to fall back on

which looked good rather than all my scattered thoughts

hanging around in booklets I had made.

The selling of the books is a bonus.


Favorite poet(s)?


Edgar Allen Poe, Roy Harper, Leonard Cohen.


Favorite poem ?


I don’t really have one as there are a billion great poems out there.


What was your first poem about ?
Me, depression. I guess I was throwing down my thoughts initially to help cope with being depressed as so many do.


What inspires you as a poet ?


How did you get to this stage in your writing ?
By writing, and communicating with other writers and artists. I am also an artist, all the artwork in my author page in AllPoetry are by my own hand.


What was your “aha” moment … that helped you decide to publish ?
Mmm, I don’t know, I just thought, after reading

poetry in magazines that I could do better so

I sent poems off.


Links to Published Works

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Share a few of your favorite poetry resources:


Allpoetry is the best site online for poetry –

I have been there nearly 14 years now,

it will help you grow as a poet.


Which poet do you feel has influenced you most ?


Edgar Allen Poe, many of my poems are inspired by him.


What advice do you have for poets that want to

publish their works ?


Do it, it is easy with online places like lulu.

Share your own favorite write…

Bed of Roses is my personal favourite…

Bed Of Roses

{ Whispered breeze falls so quietly
upon soft bed of roses sweet,
perfumed scent locks hearts.
She lies there, her eyes closed
in waiting for delicate surprise,
breasts gently rising,
falling with her breath, released
into the summer day’s murmurings,
the world is silent fury as I smile,
collect thoughts and speak –
the words roll off tongue like melting ice-cube. }

Whispers: (I love you.)
My life before has ended,
I am born again right here, now.
Do not open your eyes my sweet desire,
let my words roam you, touch secret places.
For you, I would throw life to the devil
and waste away pure time,
just for a glimpse of that smile
waiting in the crystals-jade.
I would live here in bliss now – die tomorrow.

[ Please don’t stop, my love,
as I lie here, eyes closed,
heart racing in fathomless time,
tears dance beneath my lids,
your words excite me, no Excite
is too feeble a word to use
for my senses reel with passions bright.
I could lie here still forever
and wander the lines you breathe for me,
take me away, to that dream
you have brought into my life. ]

I would throw myself at your delicious feet
and bear my soul, cry love, ‘alive!’
Sexually (sigh) attractive wonder
that you are, my love, nothing
could hold back this leaping flame
that is for you alone.
Time will blush at the things I will show you.
The moon will weep for her sister sun –
die in Heaven for us, this true love we share.

[ My God in Heaven, I thank you for this,
this man of wonder who sings his soul here.
Let this time forever be remembered
in the pages history folds throughout
my sweet fired eternity. I have lived,
nothing can change that now, beautifully, I live!
(Sighs) fold me into these roses beneath,
my rivers run for you, always true for you. ]

My heart, open your eyes, look upon me,
see this truth I hold for your touch so soft.
There will be only you in the spaces wandered,
death, it could not remove me from this love, I swear it!
Come to me please and open me as I open your treasures.
Let the gods of old watch these scenes
as we fall into the wild veins of lovemaking.
Come to me, give all that I ask of you,
take all that I give of myself so true.

{ Roses dance, the day laughs loud at pleasured sights,
hearts skip beats and gasp in gentle wisps.
Time sneaks away, it leaves lovers alone,
subtle breath smiles, wanders into dreams. }

Author Notes: lyrics

Roses Bleed In Fields – an opposite view to this poem

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