By: JadeLady4Realx1x~

Over the rainbow in the blue

of north eastern sky’s for you,

soon the green grass will be gone

then snow flakes will free fall alone,

a heart can turn cold as ice on winter nights,

the snow will melt it if the sunshine is bright.


The wind blows fiercely as the snow piles up high

leaves no space to see through the window for light,

without a clock time would stand still on dreary days

walking out is the path of no return for some they say,

a secluded life in the wilderness can make you feel old

you have to be strong to survive that lonely bitter cold.


It’s a long, lonely bitter wait for a slow winter to end

has you counting the days and nights that you have spent,

putting logs in the fire place and watch the flames dance

brings memories of life changes when you had the chance,

it’s a hard price to pay at times for the peace one can feel

being alone in the wilderness can make one feel so surreal.



Clara G. 11-8-2015