By: SilverFairyPest~

It is mid afternoon
there is not much noise
even the ocean waves are silent
how peaceful it would be
just to sit and relax
with a cool ocean breeze
but yet there is no way
to relax for we are all
under attack by
the killer squirrels
there teeth are long
and shaped as though
they are fangs from
the wolves and vampires
they come running after
everyone and all other animals
the killer squirrels come
wielding knives, swords and guns
they are not pleased about
something that had been done
to them but they do not speak
a single word they just
attack all the animals and people
crafting bombs of destruction
out of hollowed out acorns
using pigeons and hawks
as bomber planes
they are sneaky and clever
they have made powerful
weapons to cause destruction
the killer squirrels show
no mercy for they go
after babies and elderly alike
they seek to take over the world
for some reason unknown to us
so whenever you are out and you see
a cute little squirrel
please be kind leave it some food
and remember that one day soon
the killer squirrels
will be coming for you