By: Dreadlox33~


I miss you Robin

You …sweaty toothed madman.

Had I known you were that close

To entering the demarginalized zone

I would have called you

And said, “Good morning Adrian Cronauer”

And talked you out of the hanging.

Not that you would have listened

To my voice; as you had

Too many voices in your

Extraordinary bell tower already.

All those disassociative

Bird caged idiots

And tub toy personalities.


I’ll miss you Robin

And your non-conceptual tones

Of manic addiction and wit.

How can we go on

When your psychiatrist won’t?

Wasn’t it you who encouraged us

To be God-fearing

Irreverent non-conformists

And to change the world?


Are you having dinner

With God tonite, Robin?

And does Carlin know

You’re using his tooth brush?

I doubt whether your passing

Was your definition of Carpe’ Diem.


Come back Robin;

I miss Mr. Keating

And the poetic lunacy

Of your geriatric

Jonathan Winters impersonation.

And don’t be embarrassed by

Bicentennial Man or Toys;

We all lay an egg occasionally.

And c’mon Robin there’s no

Getting around it

…those were stinkers.


Come back Robin

Please come back…

Just keep Whoopie away from me

O’ captain …my captain.


~ …..ian

~ 10-25-15