By: Dreadlox33~


Leon was up at 4:00 AM;

The alarm clock just redundancy.

The assassin lives by

An internal clock;

That and a set of

Precise rules and equations.

He trains harder than a Navy Seal.

He eats and breathes

In a mental kill zone.

He looks not for fame or a cause;

He’s mercenary;

…an army of one.


The target has been shadowed

Everyday for two weeks now;

Code name Jasper.

A notebook of daily chess moves

Has been recorded.

Jasper leaves the Hyatt Regency at 6:15 AM

For a jog in the park with bodyguards

…taking the same route;

And the same twenty minutes

Every day.


It was decided then.

Leon would set up shop in the

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church;

West 65th West across from the park;

Gothic revival

…God would be watching.

There would be morning traffic,

Horns, jack hammers, pigeons shuffling

…organ music.

Leon would account for the wind

And any precipitation.


It’s now Tuesday morning.

Leon walks in anonymity to the church

With a small non-descriptive duffel bag.

He avoids the clergy

And climbs the 107 steps to the spire.

He assembles his Cheytac .408 rifle.

If he does his job, Jasper’s

Heart will be obliterated within the hour;

…and he always does his job!


It’s 6:45 AM;

It’s roughly 15 minutes before

Jasper’s jog will lead him out of the park.

Leon’s mind now visualizes the kill.

He eats a Powerbar.

He spends five minutes in quiet meditation;

It’s a melodic vacuum;

Peaceful, tranquil,

… a harmonic silence.


Leon now studies the park sidewalk

Looking for advanced scouts; bodyguards.

His breathing decelerates;

His heart rate slows;

His brain amplifies

…Jasper emerges.

Leon’s fingerprint now massages

The cold steel trigger;

There will be no further blinking.


The church bells now begin their stirring

For a 7:00 AM sunrise,

…Gong …Gong ..

Leon’s breathing now matches the joggers pace.

His heartbeat in unison with Jaspers

…and a muffled shot is fired

Thru the misted air.


Leon leaves a single rose

On the marble tile.


Far below in the sanctuary

Father Cain looks up from the altar

…sensing God’s struggle.


~ ….ian

~ 11-1-15