By: RangerBlue~


The sea is ever silent
Where they hunt their prey.
Ice floats upon the surface
Where shines a six month day.
No light may pierce the darkness
In the depths where menace dwells.
Where silent shadows dance with death
In the coldest part of hell.
The sea will fight the shadows
And crush them in her grip.
Her icy tendrils coil and squeeze
The framing of the ship.
In a battle never-ending where silent shadows dwell
They sail beneath the world above.
In the coldest part of hell.
Men within the shadows guide them through the deep.
Death plays upon their fingers for the enemy they seek.
In silent darkened vigil where the slightest sound may tell
Of a darker form of shadow.
In the coldest part of hell.
Time has changed the shadows and robbed the men of youth.
Who spent a lifetime vigil and in this found a truth.
That sentinels at the coldest gates protect the ones they love
That they may live in light and warmth upon the world above.
While in the deeps the endless duel in a world where shadows dwell
Stand the men who guard our freedom
In the coldest part of hell.