Vagabond of life…stress weary eyes
Nothing in front of me …nothing behind
Sapphire tempered skies…No notice
Hell breaks loose every second…
Fire within suns heat…hate within shows not
Dark of night…light of day..does it truly matter
Coincidence rain or shine…
drawing crazy patterns in mind
Locked in tight…with fools rage
Empty handed….gripping fingers of fate
Stepping stones…follow them not
Trying to get far away from myself
But follow I do…tredging neckdeep water
Rapping at your door…
Dressed in yesterdays lost destiny
Seeking emotions of quality…within others souls
Strike another match …
burn till fingertips turn from pain
Some things too hot to touch…but touch I do
Bats of night cry grief…seeking blood
Perhaps we are kinfolk of night…
Demons of visions…shadows of night
Assassins eyes..emotions not within..last train left long ago
Don’t mind standing to look..by time you do…I’ve passed through
All truth can be….one big lie
Within windows..candles burn dark
Trips upon magic…..wandering in minds of destiny
Music of silent rage…singing in mind…
Human mind stand just so much…losing hand can’t win
People crazy…or is it I
Perhaps Times stranger is it I
Sleeping on the run..where shall head lay for peace
No places going to..but seeks past in today’s future
Disappearing smoke rings…within mind’s grip of haunting’s
Memories driven deep..with waves clashing violently
Drenched to my bones….but gather around people
Standing down there…from highland hear my screams…echoing silently
Listen to what is not said in words…but in sight of eyes
Criticize not…what you don’t understand
Bear not your cross for me…mine is heavy enough for both
Travel not my paths…is full of weeds and thorns not flowers
Light to me… is darkness of shadows
Call out not my name…silence shall echo back
Ask not my passions….they died long ago
Look not in my tears…confusion is not a relief
Don’t take me for a fool…
act not surprised as anything you hear of me
Fate is not at times ours chosen..
but what we make from what we wish is
If you have mixed reactions..

or confusion of this write
Then a master thief have I become…Dissatisfied…
contentment perhaps puzzles you within
Or merely pure love of confusion grips you deeply..
Long black clouds appear..Lightening flashes….thunder roars…
Fate again waits the hit of death..
Shall it strike where you abide…

I think not my friends…
waves my hand in mid air…
I can sense your fate…
Sending wisps of fates winds…
I shall send you in another path’s direction
Live and learn from my words…
now be on your way..smiles most softly
You shall seek to sit within sunshine and bask in life’s beauty
Plant flowers for future harmony..,
build strong foundations
Sing songs that make the heart flow with grace….
And forever stay young at heart…
seeking also within others
Never let another’s chosen fates make yours
Go forward with blessings..BLESS YOU EACH

Fantasi er grenseløs og drømer er evig, forlate en vibrant påminnelse den liv er hva De lager av det med den rik fantasipalett av vår skapende ånder