By: Feign~

We’re just a rocky roundish thing,
caught within the gravity, circling
a smallish star out glittering
surrounded by a following
Planets other than the earth
do not seem too prone to birth
sorties sent, much to my mirth
send us samples, rocks and dirt
Why are we reaching out so far?
not concentrating on where we are?
it’s a sin the way we mar
the surface gifted by our star
We don’t know how we got here,
mankind has is humbled by his fears
knowledge comes with price dear
and is it ever clear?
This teeming orb spins just right
a verdant balance in the night
north and south poles gleaming white
just enough of the sun’s light
Mystery or accident,
God made nature’s nutrients
the natural order or the invent
still vulnerable the fury spent
Respect the bounty of this Earth
honor you may be of the first
They say there must be life elsewhere
learned men who can’t find where
we waste life,  does no one care?
what if we’re alone out here……..