By: JCLGreyFox~

Hope in Sorrow
I’m sitting on the precipice of extinction.
It wasn’t meant to be this way.
Shadows of tomorrow are gone,
While dreaming of a better yesterday.
I cannot seem to clear my mind,
Yet my mind is but a void.
Am I to be forsaken,
Or am I just paranoid?
Holding back insanity,
While driving toward insane.
Curling up in a fetal ball,
I seem to be birthed again.
Engulfed by flames of sorrow,
Pride and vanity disperse.
Time stands still quietly for me,
While I slowly live out my curse.
To love, o’ but to love,
And to dream fantastic dreams.
Silently creeps the nightmare,
Ripping truth at the seams.
Alleged hate and forgotten ire,
Give way to aspiring greed.
Emporiums of tasteless triumph,
Plant callousness in seed.
So glimpse in peripheral at the light,
The sands of hours gone by.
Know the future is dim,
Yet hope is ne’er more than a sigh.