By: Feign~

A drifty humble social mess
young Hans would sing and dance down Danish streets
encouraged by the laughter heard
the gawky child danced on.
Later in his life, he wrote
travelogues, and journaling
he traveled far and wide and then he penned
“The  Ugly Duckling” a children’s book.
A tale ripped from a page of heart,
as was his sweet “Little Mermaid”
Hans was a curious man
he often fell in love with women
and men, chastely, for then
It simply was not done, two men…!

and would have been kept well hidden
It was his fate to be the gawky baby swan
and walk on razor-sharp swords
remaining unrequited in silent passion
for when he proclaimed his love
he proposed in a note, too shy
to speak the words
she replied, in a note” you are as a brother to me”
At 70, he fell out of his chaste bed
and died, leaving stories that will live forever,
no more rude laughter, Hans, bask in the love

lovely swans glide lovely by…

and mermaids need not suffer above

just for want of a true love……….