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Winner !!

evil places after dreams
Cities of the plundered dead,
Megalithic mysteries fed;
Priests with crosses
…acid scrubs,
Earth soiled caskets,
Blood filled tubs.
Genocide the common man,
Tombs of Pharoah’s covered sand;
Hooks that hang
In Saddam’s Palace,
Kool-aid sipped from paper chalice.
Death zone warriors on the mountain,
Life extended from the fountain;
Children kidnapped
…bastard daughter,
Russian soldiers led to slaughter.
Hospital with skin infection,
Donna Versace’s face complexion;
Chainsaw ripping through the bone,
Mommie Dearest
…no one’s home.
Zombies chewing on the flesh,
…life possessed;
House of Usher, pendulum swings,
Dorothy’s castle
…monkey’s wings.
The Walking Dead makes Rick a hero,
Rome is burning …where is Nero?
Bubbling cauldron, Siamese cat,
Vlade hemo-philiac.
Paranormal fog-lit night,
Opossum carcass
…rabid bite;
Butcher’s blade in scarlet vest,
Fat men gorged in gluttonous test.
Envy, sloth of deadly sins,
Voodoo dolls steel nails and pins;
Scarecrow legs that atrophy,
Clowns that hide
…where life can’t see.
Kidnapped victims “grocery list”
Gag the mouth and bind the wrist;
Psycho posse “make them pay”,
Charlie said in every way.
Crocodile in water black,
Rip my flesh in your attack;
Dead end streets where headlights beam
evil places after dreams.



Halloween Horror

It’s Halloween Night and a moon of red
The fog so thick it can be cut with a knife
Dripping blood where wounds have bled
Best not venture out for fear of your life
Horrible things lurk in the dark shadows
In graveyards where an eerie marker sits
Dug deep in the soft earth of the meadow
Hoots of owls scare you out of your wits
From the mist at the bewitching hour
When the clock of doom strikes twelve
All things unholy are waiting to devour
Halloween dreams we keep to our self
Ghastly ghouls all draped in red blood
Masks of all their evil intentions grow
Wicked deeds they do causing a flood
Of frightening scenes in the afterglow
Soon the moon will be out of sight
This is when we must all take care
As dark turns to light vampires bite
In a cloak of black meant to beware
Witches scurry around a bubbling brew
And as the fire heats up in the evil boiler
Toads and tails of a special thing or two
Making this night a Halloween horror



All Hallow’s Eve


Tis the night for spirits to roam.

Ghosts about…returning home.

The past meets present in shrouded form.

Lost love, lost life…souls forlorn.



pumpkin piles litter
previous vacant corners
goblins waiting knife 



It was dark

I hate darkness

And it was cold

I hate cold


But hate isn’t fear…

Dark and cold

I should be afraid

I am not


Really cold

Really dark

Really red

Blood is red


I should be afraid,


Why am I



Bleeding more

Heart pounding

I see teeth






up my leg!



Turn on

the light!







It ends…

I die

in terror…



Dream House


At the edge of the wood the old house stood

no trace of life could be seen,

tattered curtains turned gray from a

 long ago day—


imagine what might have been?


Through holes in the pane, cold winds blew

old leaves, what not and rain-

screams could be heard  throughout  the old beams


I wonder what might have been ?


The split open door creaking on hinge

seemed to beckon “come in if you dare”

a short step inside- a scene came in view,

dark shapes on web filled air .


A boom of thunder– a lightening bolt-

screeched across shadows lurking above-

stealthy  fingers descend and add to my dread




with the sound of the crash, my eyes opened wide

I bolt upright on side of my bed.


I wonder what might have been ?



A Scream In The Dark

Walking in the darkened cave
looking for what is needed for the blessing
that must be done beneath the blood moon
upon the midnight hour on La-Samnah
I carefully gather what is needed
making sure to show the greatest respect
for showing disrespect
will bring forth great dancer for the person
within the cave where no one can come and help
as I carefully make my way out of the cave
ready to leave the offering
as a thank you for permitting me to gather what I need
there is a scream in the dark
I know better than to look for it could be
an evil spirit or a banshee
waiting for me to make a faitule mistake
for just a slightest slip up could bring
everything I stand for
everything I believein
to come to a bitter end
I say the blessing as I leave the offering
as a scream in the dark comes forth once more
I say the prayer that is taught to all of the high priestes
saying the final blessing as I leave the drink of the spirits
once I do so the screaming comes to an end
until the next blood moon
that comes forth on La-Samnah
when all must be done again



broken crystal

I look at her through broken crystal

I can never put back together

she pretends a snowflake

is a map to find me

I whisper to her

through out of tune guitars

and breezes

that make curtains dance

while she sleeps

sometimes I appear in flames

and she thinks its me that’s warming her

but I am not the fire

I am only what it burns