By: RisinSun28~

i heard the scream of earth today
the high-pitched squeal not the hum of the
sea or atmosphere
just a shot flat at the end of the torch veiled
for all to know that we exist
this squared off memory will remember when
oceans fell to nothing and men were men
round was not around and I dare to say
that neither was I or did I play
amongst the stars one yesterday
amongst the energy still delayed
bombarding daily the premise that
without a choice not long ago
a pinch of salt was thrown to crows
of lets begin to see the light
between the blue the pink so bright
soft clouds alight on stormy shores
soft winds of might
chance does not horde
the thoughts tonight
the things adored
the presence, flight
themes once so soared
indeed these dreams
of yesteryear, indeed these things
I will hold dear
I choose the stars but
with a tear
im held afar by one I fear
to let down with a flaunt or flash
in the pan amidst a dance
of careless pride or looseness glanced
off the ride to heavens trance
to midway lights
to summer days
to minutes by
the nights we played
to even eyes and greater haze
that mist , defy
see clearly please
placid hope and minstrelesque
remembrance of your softest kiss
these deeming seeming hopeless guests
I see today for frothy jests
and hope I hope to hop upon
and seeing you I see the song
come through the glue that holds my tongue
for you , with you , with me along