By: RisinSun28~


the seeds start the birth, the life is unearthed
from heavens above the way becomes predestined
defined in the moment of beginning
to ending, never leaving the course
capricorns rule, they would be everyone’s choice
but choices aren’t ours, to make so we bow
to the powers that be that place us here free
to give up a fight, another single spark bright
another minute to twist in the wind, tomorrow
will come as today went its way


against all recoil, the unending play
on words, on life, the irony of strife
amidst all the beauty, or withering might
delight is denounced by those that would pounce
and prey on you being happy, afraid
to leave to the will, of those that would still
begin their journey, do unto to others
then do unto ones self, the sights of the mothers
the penniless wealth
of children so smothered, in love and in health


the price of penance,  the color of guilt


that shawl round your shoulders, throw back with no shame


the reason, your older, done with the game


deign upon others, that which you would gain


and lower your hair down, i’d climb up again