By: Agressman~

redmoon agressman

We first kissed upon the harvest moon,
luminescence filled your hair,
Sparkling diamonds refracting light
attentive eyes showed you care

We walked slowly down a timber path,
where you gave me your essence.
Your virginity was entrusted carefully,
consideration taken no pretense.

My heart was taken by your gift of trust,
feeling your warm body with delight.
Moon reached out and reflected our truth,
we were in love and all was right.

Time dragged on and our love bloomed,
we cared deeply for each other.
Nothing would fail me when it came to you,
but then you discovered another.

Appropriate on this night of the red full moon,
loss of love has ended my will to live.
Blood of my tears reflects back to your trust,
Red moon takes back the love I give