By: RisinSun28~

did you see me yesterday
days away from frowning
the undertaker smiles lightly
altogether drowning
out the seeming loose-leaf grief
overflowing gently
did you see me yesterday
when I was but plenty
sure of whats to come and right
on the telling story
of how to match another’s might
none could beat my glory
the little things I knew I sussed
I simplified the greatness
for altogether I was just
and rectified all anger
pointedly I mapped the pace
the chart wove in the spelling
of the letters to form “grace”
now that was something welling
tears in your eyes im sure you stood
beside yourself in mystified
glances dying out as I
was so right in my kneeling
for piety and meekness are
what I gather strength with
barter for a higher cart
on the train with all my service
I is a letter but it also states
the person within my displaced
sense of realness here’s a taste
that passes within moments
like the time it takes to write
“l” could just be knowing
that you have had a pleasantness
unfound upon the ground in sight
or over hills and valleys wide
there will be none to match it
indispensable this fright
inside that grows to catch it
simple things I told you friend
im just a ready wonder
truth be told they broke the mold
when I was born, was thunder
lightning struck the ground it shook
but humility is my virtue
just look past my second class
ticket and I’ll nurture
your ego too,together through
this movement of the ages
we can take, the rest a fake
a piece of cake I’d wager
then the phone rang and came the pain
these songs of sorrow gently sang
did you see me yesterday