By: Voice of Silence~

If tears were laughter,
if prayers were answered
You’d hear GOD say
I’ll keep you safe,
sheltered from the storms
No matter what one’s tell you,
no matter what they ever do
nor what they teach you
No matter whom you follow,
where they lead you
Or even how they judge you
You’ll find your way back
No matter if the sun don’t shine,
or the skies aren’t blue
No matter what one’s call you,
or how they sometimes attack you
What you know and believe inside is true
And a rainbow shall appear within the skies
Then with the gentle darkness of evening
That old moon and stars shall shine with all their glory
Assuring you, smiles very softly…
Be at peace within as without at all times
Even the smallest thing in this great Universe,
is here for a special reason.
Even the tears we shed at times,
they are relief for the very heart and soul.
Friends are there for us at times
as a crutch, sometimes as a listener
Sometimes to walk beside, to smile, to laugh,
and even to cry with .
Just a small hug, a kind word,
a special look within the eyes.
A friend can understand what you’re trying to say,
even when your silent with words.
Yet , remember at all times
You can’t deny what you believe
You can’t be what you’re not
There’s a Dream being born, follow yours
Smiles gently,
within the grace of the gentle wind of kindness
He goes forth in search of those that seek kindness,
that need a small word of hope ..
faith..or a silent listener

Total Eclipse Of The Heart - VOS