By: Voice of Silence~

Trying to remember, if ever shed a tear
If occurred, what felt such as
Perhaps as dying dove cooing
Within midnights’ blue floating on air
Under moon lit skies passion. like distant dreams aroused
With passions burning in darkness of night
On flights of air against evening sky
Drifting over mountains on waves of ecstasy
Walking upon clouds within illusions of grandeur
Soft shadows caressing treetops
Upon freedoms’ wing voices of hunger cry out
Leaves of pains past-present and future
Precious paths of untraveled journeys
Laughter mixed emotions tears within music of silent lips
Tenderness of bent knees smelling flowers enhanced
Evening star sings out truth soothing soul
Standing upon mountains unsung melodies cry out
Loneliness deep within reaches out blindly
Sing out be heard in distant canyons
Open your heart something is calling you
Heart wishing freedom gives the message
Against Guiding lights de vine flight of hope
Dawn relinquishing night’s captured beauty
Promising lips arms holding
Bodies entwined within mist
Morning’s rain refreshing life
Echoing loudly within tears emotions
A new day has begun
Perhaps what tears felt like
If only could remember

Total Eclipse Of The Heart - VOS