By: Voice of Silence~

Rules of life,
only guarantee-mere nothing.
Love-perhaps once in lifetime,
in truth.
Blessings or curse,
but quality not quantity friendships.
Quantity friendships-defective,
mostly lost with time.
Faith-believe in ones self,
choose paths of own destruction or not.
Respect old dogs-children,
mother, father, family.
Treasure what can feel,
not within sight.
There’s always magic,
in simple down earth things.
Poets-listen to their words,
they create dreams.
Never loose that beat within,
it’s the drum that leads your way.
Forever with night,
or lost with dawn.
Regret not past,
judge not future in advance.
ONCE told my friend,
such a grand book you’ve written.
Expressed with such grandeur,
words escape me.
AND… someday I intend to read it,
course, I smiled gently.


Total Eclipse Of The Heart - VOS