By: Voice of Silence~

Is good to have been used for such least am something in words
one must be what they must be and can’t be what they are not
most poetry you shall find is sad
once I use to use this statement a lot
I have wept in to the night to someone’s need I was blind,
but never lost an ounce of sleep for being way too kind
you have got the best of me few do
few get even half way up the mountain
and never see the view of beyond
you have been let walk in my shoes on my paths
got to share more then anyone else my travels of life
to tread deep within my illusions and shared the dew upon flowers
the falling stars in sky the moons reflecting upon shadows
way the water falls from mountain streams and trickled down
to flow onward to where ever its destination bounds it
cry of night when it faces morning light
way day vanishes in to nights calmness
how a tear burns down a cheek blinding one eyes to reality
fragrant smell of flowers freshly cut but starting to die
warmth of the chair beside you from a friend just parted
feel of a hand that lingers from the touch of heartfelt emotions
last final walk within footsteps fresh imprinted in snow that melting
you my friend have been giving a true opportunity
to see what few have even with eyes shut
the last call of the lonesome whippoorwill
smiles softly
be happy you shared such

Total Eclipse Of The Heart - VOS