By: Voice of Silence~


True masterpieces of nature
That’s what friends are
Within everyone is the chance of kindness being shown
Friendship…involves much yet above all
Power of going out of one’s self
Seeing…appreciating the nobleness within others
Having friends who understands true blessings to ourselves
Yet being someone who understands is true blessing to others
Has been said there is something noble and good in very heart created
GOD wouldn’t make it anyway else and friends are a glimpse of his own self
Hands, reaching out…hearts touched gently
Something that can only be measured by the heart itself
Giving us at times such a focus at times to see clearly
The true beauty of life…the simple things that we see not that truly matter most
Giving love of life a true melody
and a tune that is so beautiful if you choose to listen closely
Just a little laughter warm…gentle smile…
to lift you above the clouds to where the sun is always shining so brightly
Magic of friendships …a breathing rose..which unfolds with great beauty
Most beautiful things can’t be seen at times…
or as they say even touched….
they must be felt truly with the heart
Life’s greatest pleasure can be simply..
such as that you made another smile deeply.
Feel better about themselves in their doubts at times
These qualities deep inside of each and everyone
And we don’t truly realize at times how great
each and every one of us truly are within as well as without
Just by being ourselves…and by others letting us be ourselves as well
One of your greatest most precious of all possessions is a wise and loyal friend.
May each of you have the sight to see the beauty seen and understood by the heart
For is my belief a friend is one who takes me for what I truly am
A Friend if one wishes me as such
Also believes in speaking with mere words that are understood by all then
with words that are understood by the few
Shall end there

¤¥¤ VOS ¤¥¤

Total Eclipse Of The Heart - VOS