By: Voice of Silence~

Concrete Angels
silenced in time
Ousted riders
rotten in ground
Screaming demons
of lost souls
Cast reflection
of the insanity
Stupidness of
mankind’s ability
beyond reckoning
Razor wire
cuts to the bone
Smell the stench
blood dripped rosary’s
Fate awaits
death comes calling
Hells destruction
puts you upon knees
Dead cats
the meat you eat
Shadows lurk
within your dreams
Cast reflections
within hollow eyes
GOD has forsaken
grit your teeth
Pull the pin
blast all to HELL
Love an peace
signs carried
Stop war !!!!
are the words ringing
Within ears of dead
innocent victims
Yes, mankind long ago
got lost within insanity
And we still follow
within their footsteps
Making same mistakes as
time still marches on
But then again
mankind never learns
From past mistakes
so it goes with history
Fight the wars
who truly wins but stupidity
You remember that cry….
Remember The Alamo !!!
But then
Forget Vietnam !!!
Wonder what’ll be said of
Afghanistan, Iraq the rest
Sure Long live
Land Of The Free ???
Knock Knock tap tap tap
Quoth the Black Hearted raven, ‘Nevermore!’

Total Eclipse Of The Heart - VOS