By: Voice of Silence~

Smiles of tears
Laughter of pain
Myths created that fade to legends
GOD kneels and says prayer
People hear my words
Lead me where you go in silent ramblings
Let me walk within your footsteps
Be my friend in quest of tomorrow’s
Show me the world through your eyes
Teach me knowledge that I might understand
Give me the answers I seek in questions
Explain humanities nature of actions
What is truly needed for ones to share
Inner most felt emotions..is perhaps
Just to create such a thing…something to believe in
From myths and legends create a thing called GOD
Create stories from fables of minds illusions
Such that ones truly start in believe in
Through centuries myths grow greater
Beliefs grow such as is from story told to story told
Each story makes it greater myth till
Eventually it becomes legend…
Till finally myth becomes reality within minds
What a grand feat to hypnotize such a vast majority
And even grander they accept such without question or logic…
But is such of humans they must believe in something
To able to them to live life
Truth only thing is live life as you see fit
Not as others wish you live
If you feel good about yourself is all that matters
And that you treat others fairly and right
And your conscience bothers you not
Let others believe in a man created GOD
If that’s their belief and myth-legend

Total Eclipse Of The Heart - VOS