By: Voice of Silence~

Straight from the heart,
tears at the very soul
Goodbyes never linger,
but fade slowly
When love’s rock crumbles,
dust is all that’s left
Love’s rainbow becomes.
black and white
Sacrificing thoughts become,
dream’s illusions of mind
First night spent together,
revisiting that first kiss
First time eyes meet,
arms embraced so tight
Searching souls finding,
seclusion in each other
Under moon and stars,
all we each needed
Just you and me,
in pure heaven
Now words left unspoken,
melody’s un played
Tears lost mist rain,
footsteps untraveled
Please forgive me,
for still loving you
Got to know deep inside,
your always wanted
Breathing you each breath,
wi thin each heartbeat
Now twilight sets,
secluded heart sits alone
With only thoughts,
of hearts true destiny
Star crossed lover
destined to wander
“Eclipse Of The Heart series”

Total Eclipse Of The Heart - VOS