By: Voice of Silence~

In dreams your mine
our souls intertwine
Eyes closed see visions
beautiful mystical heartfelt illusions
Heartbeats beat as one
till the music’s done
Mid air we dancebodies close taking chance
Whispers heard in wind
sweet kisses our lips blend
Sunset cries bring dark around
Moon-stars of sky look down
Two alone upon beach
Rhapsody of love within reach
Who cares about mornings light
for now… we have tonight
In mystical night is
something rare and so bold..
Sun can’t match it
with all its rays of gold
But now I awaken…it’s all a dream
that’s just like loves scheme
Pulls you within..then when you feel so grand
Shoots it all to hell…you still can’t understand
“Eclipse Of The Heart series”

Total Eclipse Of The Heart - VOS