By: Voice of Silence~

Darling if you listen…
A Love story … I shall tell
Start at the beginning
Look in those eyes and deep I fell
Though didn’t really know you
Look such as an angel from above
That first night I kissed you
Head over heals I fell in love
Now those words… we had spoken
Their hard to now understand
You said…You loved me..
Yet.. your with another man
Yes you said..I was the one
That you’d … Do me right
Yet now …I wonder darling
Just whom your with tonight
When …I held you gently
You trembled gently deep inside
As something…Deep within you
Tried so hard to hide
I looked down upon your cheek
Traces of a tear
There’s something… You weren’t saying
Yet…You thought I would know
Yet …Deep within this ole heart of mine
It was saying…” Time to go…”
Yes…Those words that we had spoken…
Have yet to understand
You said…You love me
Yet now….Your with another man
You’d said.. I was the one
That you’d do me right
Yet now…My Little Darling
I wonder..
Who’s in Heaven with you this night?

Total Eclipse Of The Heart - VOS