By: Voice of Silence~

Holding hands,
bodies so close …Oh so grand
Head on my shoulder,
hair hanging down
Dancing feet off ground,
twilights music all around
Easy to love,
soft sexy words in ears spoken
Sending message to our hearts,
so graceful we move
Deep…so strong emotions,
evolving within
Eyes speaking…lazy sway of trees.
body talking..lips entwined
Stars reflection in eyes,
Old man in moon looking down
Watching in envy
Will this love grow or
with morning die
Somewhere between soft kisses,
words I love you
Just a desperado,
here to steal your heart away
Is it wrong for me to take,
what’s not mine
Within heart and soul… your blues
Angel born from lonesome feelings,
Heart broken many times in dreams
Memories built upon rainbows,
Building foundations…sometimes never seen
Nighttime lo vers,
what will morning truly bring
Clinging to each other,
lips of lovers…damn taste so good
Loving’s grand,
arms embracing..bodies entwined
Forget tomorrow…under moon and stars,
tonight we’re in LOVE
Total Eclipse Of The Heart - VOS