By: Voice of Silence~

Searching within souls of words written
By those that express their most inner
Hidden characteristic within pen and thoughts
Expressions that bring tears, laughter, calmness
What ever they try to portray in self expressions
Searching within the deepest of emotions
Bringing to life in words, even the fragrance of flowers
The beauty of laughter, the pain and suffering felt
Not only theirs but that within those they have met and shall meet
Wishes made, wishes granted, wishes come true, wishes lost
Reaching out to your very heart and soul
with small paw prints of effect ions
There is goodness within everything that you search
if you search for that goodness
Stroll within their words of
mystical-magical enchantments
Share the dream s of their imaginations
Sit by the streams of emotions
Drift within the wind of those sentimental dreams
Walk side by side with each word spoken,
as if you were actually there within the very write
Feel the rain of affections poured out
with each mere word composed
Then smile deeply,
knowing you were a part of some grand creation

Total Eclipse Of The Heart - VOS