Hi Everyone !!

It’s that time again …

What will you do to promote National Poetry Month ?

Share a poem with a friend ?… Attend a poetry event ?

Write a poem a day ?


Simply read a poem. 

There’s no wrong way to participate !!

30 Ways To Celebrate National Poetry Month 

Request the Link to visit one of our

AOL Poetry

Reading Rooms

The Room Owners 

and Schedules are Available 

on  Our Events Page 


Late Night Poets Room

we are open 24/7

possibly visit with some

old friends and share some poetry.

Grab a Scroller 

and show us 

What You’ve been up to !

April 30th 2015

Poem In Your Pocket Day

Poem Suggestions

Join in and become Part of …
Late Night Poets
“Poet Tree”

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