By: DFloreiii~

o the miles gregg
they have made me black
black as highway
black as a picture you never took
find my heart
I am alone
talking to God by a snow pile
under a moon that shined years ago
where is our radiance?
where is summer?
our ice cream on a bench
by a little league field
blooming with youth
you and I considering the grass
and I want this poem to go on forever
and it just might
and I don’t think even my mother’s laughter can lighten the burden of this verse
but God is looking straight at you and I tonight gregg
our longing is the vanilla in our eyes
peace to us
peace to our struggle
peace to the autumn shower that only gives away nothingness
I can see the hollow spaces of my life
I watch the blood beneath my ribs where she left her memory
can I give it to you buddy?
could you take my tragedy and turn it into your smile that lights up my father’s field?
the one where we confided the secrets
and love?
love is over the sky
cup some with me
innocent and sprinkled with time that lasts forever

the blue haze night is blazing now gregg
it’s calling for your car
let’s shred the highway again
only this time let’s not go back home to the disaster
we’ll let the past fill up as a cloud hovering from the steering wheel to the backseat
snap one of your photos of it
hear me stir it into words
and the future?
look at it!
look at it ahead through the windshield
it’s filled by a soft hand
and kindness is cherub angel chords bubbling quietly out of your old stereo

there’s a desert hotel
miles and miles away
I stayed there when I was a baby
slept a sweet cactus afternoon with my mom and dad
a place to rest
rescue me before I try to sleep there forever
just to dream of her
and what of you my friend?
talk to me before I turn to sand on this road
is she yours?
is her hawaii island making you dance in crystal clear water?
and are we filled enough with God?
there’s snakes on the hair of that hitchhiker
and are we just sitting in your house?
floating in the scent of your incense?
having never turned the ignition?

and our heroes
Kennedy,Schmidty,Kerouac,Ansel Adams,
are we just parodies of them?
or are we boosting them to the highest waltz of heaven?
perhaps it’s no longer winter
if we just jump through your swimming pools ice
and Ah! Sun
and summer cracker jack sugar crunch
let’s get wild at a bar tender’s pouring hand
or an aloe plant’s sweet death tears
and Jesus is here
sweet, gliding, smooth

let’s set up a tent
next to the moon by the sea
we’ll talk about the cities we never crawled
and the waves
may they wash in your mother
whose picture I looked at late into our nights
whose eyes said forever
when ours said only now
and let’s blow a harmonica
let’s play it on a creeking Louisiana porch
under perfect sun
crops and grasses swaying in time
and the girls walk by
sweat dripping from their blonde and their tans

heaven is here
feel the king that shines
the love he’s given to the stars
the ones in the sky
the ones a little boy is drawing for the first time
the ones in our hands
that we toss
and I’m scared no more
and I’m happy to be a word on a page
and I’m gliding to her strawberry cheeks
and I’ll eat a real one for the starving
as the banjo player plucks a blue note
and the sun is dipping into it
I’ll reach onto a ray to pull me back up to you

o highest church
o cross
o desert coyote
howling the grey night
bless you
your tired prowl
bless your lungs
that gasp in heaven
gregg and I have seen you from the town
from the wonder of night
from our weakness
come exuberence
come miracle
come life