I   began  writing when I was  very  young and I remember that   the experience was thrilling to write where my

childhood imagination took me

We know this person as   Dfloreiii  on aol.

They have been a regular in the Late Night Poets Chat

since the late 90’s early 2000’s  ???

Dan first discovered the room by searching for poetry  chats   and thinks it is a nice place to gather, meet friends, and have   an audience for your work.

 He feels that the LNP Poets are …

a gifted and energetic  bunch

Dan’s poetry  has appeared in various online and print publications  such as Many Mountains Moving, 

 Eunoia Review, red light bulbs Magazine, Short Fast and Deadly, Long Story Short, Victorian Violetpress, Triggerfish

Critical  Review as well as others

Three chapbooks of poetry  have also been published.

They are lapping water , humbled wise men –   Christmas haikus,  and Home and other places I’ve yet to see These publications  are available  by emailing dfloreiii@aol.com for order information

He has performed as a spoken word poet

Dan’s Spoken Word

in bookshops, community centers, and cafe’s throughout Pennsylvania

The most valuable experience regarding their time in LNP is having an  audience that is attentive and enthusiastic

 You can read Dans poetry at: Late Night Poets

Get to  know our spotlight poet by reading our LNP Spotlight  Profile Below~!

 Name : Daniel J. Flore III

Where do you Live : Pennsylvania

 Screen Name: Dfloreiii

Origin of S/N: It was the closest thing to my name that aol could find when they set up my email  : )

 How long on-line  since the dawn of the internet

 How long in LNP?   late 90’s-early 2000’s ? ?

 Age   36

Favorite Author…  Jack Kerouac

 Favorite Book… Visions of Gerard

 Top 5 interests / hobbies outside of poetry…

 1) my cat tulip

 2) reading

 3) tennis

 4) Phillies baseball

 5) good music

Favorite Sports/Teams:  Phllies, Sixers, Eagles

 Favorite Music/Band: Bob Dylan, Beatles, R.E.M., Leonard Cohen, Neil Young, Lana Del Rey,  James Taylor, Tracy Chapman,  John Denver,  Nirvana, James Brown,  Marvin Gaye,

 Favorite Movie: Field of Dreams, Star Wars, For Love of The Game, E.T

Favorite Foods:  grilled cheese, pizza, hotdogs, burgers, fries

Favorite Poets:  Mary Oliver, Jack kerouac, Arthur Rimbaud, Bob Dylan,Allen Ginsberg, Billy Collins,Lou Mckee, Poe

 Favorite Poem:


And when you showed me Brooklyn Bridge
in the morning,
Ah God,

And the people slipping on ice in the street,
two different people
came over, goin to work,
so earnest and tryful,
clutching their pitiful
morning Daily News
slip on the ice & fall
both inside 5 minutes
and I cried I cried

That’s when you taught me tears, Ah
God in the morning,
Ah Thee

And me leaning on the lamppost wiping
nobody’s know I’d cried
or woulda cared anyway
but O I saw my father
and my grandfather’s mother
and the long lines of chairs
and tear-sitters and dead,
Ah me, I knew God You
had better plans than that

So whatever plan you have for me
Splitter of majesty
Make it short
Make it snappy
bring me home to the Eternal Mother

At your service anyway,
(and until)

-Jack Kerouac
Pomes All Sizes

 If you could meet any poet, who would it be?  Jack kerouac

 What made you choose that poet? He wrote with tons of energy and heart. He was brilliant and I’m saddened he died so young . He could have given the world even more great art.

 Current Projects:  poetry works in progress-The meaning of a sigh poems of the USA, Cotton dream suite,pink marigold rays,   Brady poems: letters to my old neighbors dog,  a heaven never had.  about to do some more public appearances and public readings

 Favorite Quote:    Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans. – John Lennon

 Top  websites  you would recommend

 1 . poetrycircle.com

 2 . criticalpoet.com

3 . triggerfishcriticalreview