By: Candy Brown~

compassion cjb

I’m the nameless person,
each day that you may meet.
I am the one you pass by,
as you’re walking down the street.

I’m the one whose homeless,
you don’t really want to know,
And probably never glanced at,
as you often come and go.

I’m the one whose lost a job,
and cannot pay the rent.
I’m the one who cannot eat,
cause I don’t have a cent.

I’m the one who may be sick
or do you really care?
If you have a heart at all,
come closer if you dare.

I could be your brother, your sister,
or your son.
I am just a nameless face,
of nearly anyone.

If you think you’re different,
or haven’t got a clue.
Then look into a mirror,
next time it may be you!