Picture Challenge for April 

Feel free to write a Poem or short story

about the above picture


It’s Reigning


Lovely little violet

caught in sun shower, barely wet

faces lift for waters touch

brilliant dark blue purple flower

you make me smile

you have the power


Nature bears some beauties fair

some times we forget they’re there

sad are those who never see

the wonders  found on a bent knee

Observation may take time

captivating, It owns mine




Pretty Violet

Roses are red
Violets are blue
These pretty flowers
Remind me of you
Violet blossoms
All n a row
Reflection of truth
As the love grows
Colors of faith
Reborn anew
Green stems wait
Kissed by the dew
Pick just one
Hold it near
The deed is done
Lasting all year

Poetry Scroll Collection

March 31 2015