By: Voice of Silence~


When all is left…day to day,
No searching for tomorrows
Nothing left in yesterdays,trying to remember
Dusty thoughts of just exactly…
what a hug felt like
Or how it felt to hold a hand…
other than your very own
How lips pressed together felt…
what exactly were those feelings
Having someone to walk beside you…with you
How it felt to share each’s thoughts, or
The look within eyes…
that were actual looking back in to yours
Sound of laughter upon lips…
with the taste you wished forever
What shall you now put your empty arms around
You find yourself,
no longer noticing life’s true beauty around you
Innocence of life in eyes…
within sentimental lost horizons
One set of footprints in sand…
they look so lonely
Hello, strange no longer a reply
Silent voice, never answers any more
Lonely mind dreams,
within clouds of illusions
Colors fading to gray, drowning in mist
Moon eclipsed within the darkness
Gone, so far gone…so far down
Nothing to lift me above,
tears falling within the purple rain
Living within darkness…
shadows growing much colder
Maybe I’m blind …where have the flowers gone
Lay back, relax, close eyes
Welcome the darkness,
light has nothing more to offer
Within that infinite moment of sorrow,
became a silent forever twilight
Simple down to earth nothing more… they call me VOS