By: Voice of Silence~

If But I Could…

But to somehow erase your pain,
put your soul at ease
Bare all that burdens,
wipe away your tears within
Make your eyes again sparkle,
with happiness abundant
Take that frown from your face,
turn it upside down again
Make each step you take,
a wish come true
Each breath took,
a new awakening
Create such beauty around,
it glows with affection
Make you wish to run…skip,
laugh..shout out loud
Make you wish to hug once again,
love once again
To sit within suns warmth,
even love walking in rain
To actual enjoy sitting,
beneath moon and stars again
Erase all your sad memories,
replacing them with hope, faith, courage
To actual make you see,
what a grand creature you truly are
Then I would truly think,
that I have accomplished something MY FRIEND
But all have to offer is hugs… lots of love,
and a small but gentle smile